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who am I ? My name is Maxime. An amateur globetrotter, I developed my passion for photography during my travels.
What I like about photography is the possibility of expressing emotions, of sending a message. Self-taught, I created Photo Training Blog to share with you my advice and tips to help you progress.
No nonsense, but fun and educational articles that will help you advance in photography, while developing your creativity. Without forgetting the essential: have fun!

I sometimes write articles about certain products, like photo books, lenses, accessories. The articles on this blog are not sponsored. In other words, I do not receive remuneration when they are published. I want to preserve my autonomy and my freedom. And I will never recommend a product that I do not sincerely believe is a quality product and that I would not recommend to my mother. There will never be product placement on this blog and I am committed to bringing you quality content.